Campaign Creates PSA and Call to Action to Preserve Lesbian Bars & LGBTQIA+ Safe Spaces

NEW YORK, NY (October 28, 2020) — The Lesbian Bar Project and Jägermeister have launched an online branded campaign to bring greater awareness and prosperity to the remaining Lesbian Bars across the country. During the late 1980s, there were an estimated 200 Lesbian Bars across the country; by early 2020 there were just 16. Now there are 15 in total, with one closing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the bars continue to disappear at a staggering rate, the campaign seeks to promote and restore these vital queer establishments helping them not only survive but thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.

In partnership with Jägermeister’s #savethenight initiative, the campaign will launch two phases of the project both beginning Wednesday, October 28th. For the first phase, the campaign will introduce a 90-sec public service video which illustrates the vibrancy and importance of these safe spaces, while also paying tribute to some notable closures and their influence throughout history. The PSA, narrated by Lea DeLaria (“Orange Is the New Black”) and co-directed by Erica Rose and Elina Street ends with a call to action, showcasing the electricity and power of a queer community that refuses to see more spaces disappear.

Ultimately, the PSA aims to drive traffic to the campaign website, a landing page with photos and testimonials from bar owners, more information about the remaining 15 bars, and a donation pool fund as part of a 4-week fundraising campaign. 100% of all proceeds will be gathered by The Lesbian Bar Project in partnership with Fractured Atlas and will be split evenly between the participating bars to support these establishments. Fractured Atlas is a non-profit arts service organization whose fiscal sponsorship program provides opportunities for independent artists and other similar groups.

The campaign is also currently in development for Phase 3 which would introduce a documentary series on the history of Lesbian Bars and their social impact.
“When the pandemic hit, I learned that there were only 15 Lesbian Bars left in the country. That number is staggering and frankly unacceptable. Losing just one more of these cherished spaces has devastating consequences for queer people in this country,” said Erica Rose, Co-Director of Lesbian Bar Project. “I want to use the power of filmmaking to illuminate the rich history of these 15 spaces and provide an opportunity for Lesbian Bars to tell their stories.”

“As filmmakers, we are forced to adapt to this ever shifting world, and during these trying times, we felt urged to act fast. The Lesbian Bar Project gave us the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, and to elevate the voices of those that deserve to be heard, cherish the memories of the lost spaces but also to project a future of hope and sustainability within our community,” said Elina Street Co-Director of Lesbian Bar Project.

“We are thrilled to support this campaign and its mission to preserve these establishments and shared culture for the LGBTQIA+ community,” said Cliff Rigano, Director of Culture, Lifestyle & Event Marketing at Mast-Jägermeister US. “This is an important movement as these establishments are a crucial part of the nightlife scene and it will allow for Lesbian Bars to continue flourishing not just following the pandemic but for generations to come.”

Jägermeister is a proud supporter of nightlife and the artists, creatives and bartenders who have worked tirelessly to support it. At the start of the pandemic, Jägermeister knew the negative impact it would have on these communities. As a result, Jägermeister launched its Save The Night program which has included various charity initiatives to raise money for those whose passion, skill and hard work fuel and inspire the nightlife economy. Jägermeister recently sponsored the Stonewall Inn Gives Back concert initiative where LGBTQIA+ artists and allies performed to raise money for LGBTQIA+ nightlife workers across the country. This online campaign with The Lesbian Bar Project is the brand’s newest addition to the Save The Night program, giving a voice to Lesbian Bars and helping support the LGBTQIA+ nightlife community. As lead sponsor of the campaign, Jägermeister’s financial support to Fractured Atlas has helped produce the PSA and develop the website that is aimed to build awareness and raise funds for the participating bars. For more information on the Save the Night initiative visit

The remaining 15 bars are seen as uniquely Lesbian for their prioritization of creating space for people of marginalized genders; including women, non-binary folks, and trans men. “Lesbian Bar” has become a cultural signifier in identifying spaces that cultivate community, friendship, relations, political organizing and love for a population of people often underlooked and undervalued. As these spaces aim to be inclusive of all individuals across the diverse LGBTQIA+ community, their closures have an enormously negative impact, diminishing access to communal safety and intergenerational dialogue.

Lily Ali-Oshatz and Charles Hayes IV serve as Producers for the project. Lea DeLaria and The Katz Company serve as Executive Producers.


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