Our Founding Family Today

Now in our fifth generation of family ownership, the current members of the Mast family are continuing the legacy of their ancestors with the same motivation and conviction that runs like a thread through the family history. They remain dedicated to the sustainable, long-term development of our company for this generation and every one after it. More than just economic success, their leadership revolves around the values that cement our global success – values, which are same with the company like cosmopolitanism, respect, quality, innovation and inspiration.

For the Mast family, sustainability is the framework that guides every major company decision. Only by leading sustainably and taking a responsible approach to nature and its resources can we succeed in passing down our legacy to future generations and ensuring quality of life for years to come.

Beside their entrepreneurial activities, the entire family is and has been engaged in various charities for generations. Some of the foundations are: The Curt Mast foundation, The Günther Findel foundation and The Klaus-Friedrich-foundation. Through these foundations they promote national and international projects in the fields of environment, social issue, culture and sports. Furthermore, they work closely with Unicef and The SOS Children´s Village.

The spokesman for the Mast family is Florian Rehm, who, among other duties, concurrently chairs the supervisory board of Mast-Jägermeister SE.