Gin Sul – the Hamburg-based spirit manufactory

Jägermeister’s first-ever strategic partnership with another spirit maker started in July 2018, when Mast-Jägermeister SE became a stakeholder in Gin Sul. The Hamburg gin in the white clay bottle is a stand-out in the recent craft movement, making it the perfect match for Jägermeister. And in return, the up-and-coming distillery, founded by Stephan Garbe in Hamburg in 2013, benefits from the experience of a globally successful partner.

Gin Sul, the dry gin from Hamburg with roots in Portugal, is a high-proof testament of its makers’ love for the small country at the southwestern tip of Europe. In Hamburg’s Altona district, 16 employees distil one of Germany’s leading premium juniper spirits, crafted with fresh Algarve lemons. Gin Sul is currently available in 17 countries.